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Harry potter-5 trailer-2

If you haven't seen the trailer-1 of the movie harry potter and the order of phoenix, i.e. part-5, go to this page.
Download the trailer from the below location and in the mean time of the download read the below description.
Download trailer-2

Trailer-2 has a lot of information about the movie. In this part harry potter builds up DA(Dumbledore's Army). Professor Umbridge is appointed as the high Inquisitor. Our favorite characters Fred and George Play a very nice comic role. Voldemort controls Harry's mind and at the same time harry also trains all of his friends in the DA. There is a very small kiss scene between harry and Chochang in the trailer. All in all, I can say that the trailer is nice to watch.
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Mahesh babu thums up ad

Hi! This upload is for all the maheshbabu fans. This upload consists of the video of the thums up advertisement in which mahesh babu acted. This ad played a key role as mahesh replaced chiranjeevi in the ad. So whom do you think is best. Post a reply.

Format:- WMV format
Runtime:- 47 sec.
Size:- 1.8 mb

Click me to Download

Download Aata movie mp3 songs for free

Hi! Here are the songs from the movie "Aata" starring siddharth and illeana absolutely free. All the download songs are in mp3 format and zipped into a single file. The zipped file consists of all the 6 songs. Subscribe as a reader to receive our updates through feed.

Download Aata songs

In addition to the above songs we have compressed all 6 songs which can be downloaded easily and can be used as mp3 ringtones. These are also with good quality enough to play on computer. Try this download also.

Download Aata mp3 ringtones for your mobile

Optical illusions

Yes! Optical illusions are very funny thing at times and very interesting at other times. They hide the most important part in the picture and shows the scrap. If you have the eye for it you can see. Just check out the picture above, Can you figure out how many people are there in the picture. The answer is 9. I have found it with great difficulty. If you have found it, you would be a Sherlock holmes.
Here is our little collection of optical illusions. In my collection there are a lot of pictures like the one above. Just think of one minute who has drawn it. That is enough, that would be a great tribute to the artist of these pictures.
we recommend not to miss it.


All about Indian Economy

Please don't Stop reading. There is no mistake to know about our own Indian economy and feel proud of it. If you are a management student or have an aim in it, this is a must read article.
Yes, Indian economy is flying. It is growing at the rate of 9% above all the countries only after china. That is why Newyork Stock exchange also bought 5% share in National Stock exchange(NSE).
Economy is generally measured in terms of GDP( Gross Domestic Product). GDP may be defined as the value of the total production in the country. Thus produced product may be consumed in the home or exported, it is irrelevant. Any economy's GDP may be divided in to 3 parts- Agriculture, Industry and Services.
  1. Agriculture-need not be defined.
  2. Industries- Includes steel, cement etc.
  3. Services- Banking, Insurance, Telecoms etc.
The majority of Indian population is under agriculture(almost 70%) and other in the industries and services. But the majority of GDP growth(above 50%) is in the services field. Doesn't that sound different.
Our economy was opened up in 1991. Economy opening up means accepting the investments from other countries and investing them in our country market. This has played a key role in generating a lot of entrepreneurs who has ideas but no capital. One of them is SUZLON's Tulsitanti. From then onwards slowly the economy has been opened up and the recent announcements of the maximum investments are like this.

Max FII Investments-26% of stock exchange Where FII-Foreign Institutional Investors
(Any foreign banks or companies)
Max FDI Investments-23% FDI-Foreign Direct Investors
(Individual Investors)

Any country's growth will be generally in the Industrial field. When an industry is established a lot of people around that place will get employment. This results in GDP growth and reduces unemployment. This also results in equal distribution of wealth to all the people. And the population under agriculture can also benifitted. But our country's growth is fueled by services sector. Though the income generated in banks is more the number of people working in it is less, similarly is all the services sectors. But the salaries of the people employing in services is high. This results in the unequal distribution of wealth. That is exactly what is happening in India. When some part of population has got no food for days, other part is enjoying in pubs.
The Other major problem in front of us is Inflation. Inflation rate is the measure of rise in prices of the products. It is measured on the basis of WPI( WholeSale Price Index). Crude oil prices are the major contributor to the rise in inflation. But our country's inflation is growing only due to the rise in prices of daily necessities, which is not at all a good news.
No doubt it is the time of India, but we have comitted to this type of services growth. Now what can our government can do is to slowly improve our industrial sector and to maintain a sustainable growth in that field. The importance of service sector cannot be avoided, so it should also grow only at a consistent pace. As the agriculture sector is main occupation of our economy it may also grow at a little pace. But it would be better if the agriculture population are shifted to industry. Inflation rate should be checked by controlling the production and should avoid black markets.
The final conclusion is that at present Indian economy is growing at top of the world. But to have this sustainable Economic progress Industrial growth should dominate services growth.

Themes for Nokia mobiles

Hi! This upload is a little collection of mine. All the themes are supported by nokia mobiles. These themes contain everything like cars, girls, bollywood actresses, technology etc. These contains two types of formats.
  1. SIS format:- This format is supported by nokia 6600, 3230, N72, N73, 6630, 6680, 7610
  2. NTH format:- This format is supported by nokia 6288 and its equivalents.
Download for 6600, 3230, N72, N73, 6630, 6680, 7610

Download for 6288, 6280

How to download English movies and music for dummies!

Hi! This post is exclusively for the basic internet users. When I have started using internet, I had searched to download movies and music for free. But I didn't found any sources at first. Later I have downloaded Limewire, a peer to peer network, and did file sharing. Later I found the source of torrents. Torrents are one of the best sources for downloading latest movies.
Basically there are two main sources to download movies and music:
1. File sharing( Peer to peer network):-
In this type of network, we should download a software like Limewire, shereaza etc. These softwares will operate the networks like gnutella, edonkey etc. After installing the software in to your system, you have open it and search for your required content. Later it gives the search results and we have to select the required content to download. It also gives the number of members that are uploading it. According to the number of uploaders(seeds) we can select the download file.
1. You need not pay for anything like software etc.
2. Easy operation. Any body can just follow the instructions and download the file.
1. Most of the softwares in this type of p2p sharing contains viruses.
2. Files might be fake. We cannot know whether the content is the right one or fake one. Suppose you have download 1GB movie and at the end of it you found it to be a fake one, what can we do except blaming yourself.

2. Torrents:-
Torrents are one of the best source of downloading movies and music.
Torrent is a small file(generally in bytes size).
The procedure to download is simple, just follow the instructions below:
  1. Go to any websites like torrentspy, piratesbay etc. and search for the required movie. The numbers of seeders and peers(downloaders) will also be displayed aside.
  2. Select the torrent to be downloaded.
  3. Download the torrent file for the actual required file in to your system
  4. Download software like utorrent, azureus, bitcomet, bittorrent etc.
  5. Open the torrent file using this software.
  6. The file will be downloaded. That's it
  1. We can read the reviews of the users for the torrent file and can decide whether to download or not.
2. As the website is tracking the torrents, any virus reported will be deleted quickly.
3. Download Speed will be more than p2p.
4. Versatility is the biggest advantage of the torrent system. We can download torrent file any website and can open it in any software.
5. As usual it is also absolutely free.


The procedure is a little big than p2p. Except that I cannot find any other limitations.

As I have given the detailed analysis it is up to you to decide which method to follow.
To the users I am presenting the download link for the torrent of movie "300"
It is in dvd quality. Absolutely reliable to download.

175 mobile wallpapers and screensavers

Hi! These are just the samples of my beautiful mobile wallpaper collection. There are all sorts of animals, abstracts, funny symbols and girls as wallpapers. There is everything for everyone in here. Don't miss this collection, click on the below link to download. Subscribe via e-mail if you don't want to miss our precious uploads. byeee

Download[ size 5Mb]

Download Fantastic 4-part 2 trailer

Hi! After a two lazy days, this is the new post. We have all seen the Fantastic 4 movie, in which 4 people will get the strange powers. This new movie, Fantastic 4-Rise of silver surfer, is the sequel for that movie. The first part ends with the love of the invisible woman and that stretching guy. This movie starts with their wedding. At the same time a new villain who can fly enters into the story. Torch is sent to chase him. This is the story in the trailer, wait for the movie for full story. Subscribe via e-mail if you don't want to miss our precious collection. byeee

Download[ size: 9Mb]

Michael jackson's best dance moves

Hi! This is one of the rare upload any of you can get. We can promise you only very small no. of sites can provide this video. Though Michael jackson is unpopular for his recent events, his dance has some of the perfect steps which cannot be imitated even by pop singers. His dance moves are very difficult ones. After watching this video you will tell the same. This video consists some of the finest Branded jackson's dance moves. We recommend not to miss it. Bye


Pirates of carribean-3 At world's end Trailer

Hi! We hope you all have watched the pirates of the Caribbean-1&2. We still remember the funny character of captain Jack sparrow, johnny depp. The 3 part of this movie is going to be released on May 25th. Some of the parts of the trailer is really funny. U have to watch it, cannot be missed. That is why we have uploaded the trailer of this movie. It's details are as follows.
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Runtime: 2:33
Codec: DivX
Resolution: 544x224
Size: 18.13 MB.


Sivaji and Munna songs compressed

Hi! I have compressed the latest audio hits of the season, Sivaji and Munna songs in to a single file of just 12 Mb. I have tested its quality, it is fine to listen.U can download it and listen as you like and can also be used as mp3 ringtones for your mobile.

Click me download the munna and sivaji songs.

If you want to download high quality songs of this movies, click below links.

What is Fire wall????

Do you think you are safe on the internet while surfing?
Do you think no one can track you what you are doing?
Do you think no one can attack your System?
Do you think that no other process or application in your PC access internet unless you ask them to do so?
The only answer is NO.
In your system, when ever you start a process every process including windows media player, winamp etc. try to access the internet. There is no problem if these trusted processes access the internet. But if any virus or spy ware in the system tries to access the internet.
Any advanced user can attack your computer by hacking and can access your files. Though windows gives a basic firewall to stop the inbound attacks, it is not sufficient.
So what you need to avoid these is a FIREWALL for your system.
Firewall is just like a security guard which sits at the gate of your internet and asks for your request if any program tries to connect to internet, even our browsers like Internet explorer.
So all you have to give is to give the permission to any program which you intend to work with internet. If you believe the program, you can give an option to remember your decision in the firewall. All the process I explained is for the Zone alarm firewall. It is really amazing that zone alarm gives a free firewall for the internet users . You may think the free version doesn't work upto the mark, but the experts said it is an amazing free software to work so superbly. So If you are not using any firewall upto now download it and start using and be safe.

If you want to use zone alarm, click me to go to the download site.

This is only for funny video lovers, Click me to download another funny video

Download 1000 Mobile games

Hi Mobile users! This entire post is dedicated to you! Yes, you read the title correctly, not 1 not 2 totally 1000 games for nokia.Below is the download links to 1000 java games for Nokia mobile, may be compatible for other mobiles also. It is actually a 80MB file. But I compressed it to 56MB. Enjoy the games. Subscribe via e-mail to receive more interesting uploads to your mail.

click me to download 1000 java games

Funny SMSs continues today

Hi! Today also the same old funny sms continues. It is a sequel for the yesterday's funny sms. If you are new to blog, Click here to read the first part of funny sms

Start here:-
This dog, is dog, a dog, good dog, way dog, to dog, keep dog, an dog, idiot dog, busy dog, for dog, 20 dog, seconds dog! ..
Now read without the word dog.

God made whiskey,
God made Pepsi,
God made rivers.
God made lakes ,
God made u.........well we all make mistakes!

A man seats for 4 hours starring at his marriage certificate and his wife asks "why are U starring at the certificate like that" and he replied,"I'm looking 4 the expiry date".........

I want to suck you... lick you... wanna move my tongue all over you...wanna feel you in my mouth...yep, tat's how u...eat an ice cream!

What are 3 words you never wanna hear whilst making love? Honey, I'm home!

If you need advice, text me... If you need a friend, call me... If you need me, come to me... If you need money... ........... THE SUBSCRIBER CANNOT BE REACHED!

How Do U Keep An Idiot Entertained?
Press Down
Press Up......................

foreign teacher to student standing outside class room...why are u outstanding?

Feelin Bored? THINK OF ME
Feelin Sad? CALL ME
Feelin Lonely? VISIT ME
Feelin Horny? USE UR HANDS& ENJOY da ART of......SMSING ME!!!

Positive thinking is like this:
a little bird in the sky..
u look up n it shits in ur eye..
u don't mind n u don't cry..
u just thank God tht cows dnt fly..

wen u feel lonely ............................... and u look forward and seems d whole world is crashing and fading away.............................. don't worry, come to me .............. lets go see the optician!

When you breath, you inspire. When you don't breath, you expire.

I was born brilliant, education ruined me

These are enough for today, Enjoy the fun and Subscribe through e-mail to receive more interesting uploads.

For all funny video lovers, download another funny video here

Very funny SMS U know

Hi Distracted guys and gals, these sms messages are some of my wonderful collection, some of them may be known to you, but all of them are very funny sms, get going.

Start here:-

A tactful wife is the one who makes sure
she spends so much that
her husband can't afford another woman..!!

Good Unerdtsanding Btewene Ecah Ohter Is Rael FierndSihp!
Eevn If We Hvae So Mnay MsiUnerdsantndig Lkie Tish Msseaeg,
Btu i Konw U Cna Raed WtihOtu Msitkae

I'm a killer, i kill people for money, but you are my friend

I Love "u"! ,I Love "u"! ,I Love "u"! ,I Love "u"!
Hey! Don't get excited I also Love V, W, X, Y, Z

Someday u may Lose Ur Hair, Ur Teeth, & ur mind,But 1 thing u can't loose is ur good looks,coz u cant lose wot u don't have!

Dosti karo college wali se, pyar karo office vali se, baatein karo pados wali se, ankh ladao sali se, love karo dilvali se, AUR MAR KHAO GHARVALI SE.

A good discussion is like a MINI SKIRT.
Short enough to pertain interest
and long enough to cover the subject.

Ever wondered y v hav gaps between our fingers .....
So dat 1 day u meet someone who cums n tels u
" ye le cigrette pee le"

A girl phoned me the other day and said..."Come on over, there's nobody home." I went over. Nobody was home

The rain makes all things beautiful.The grass & flowers, If rain makes all things beautiful why doesn’t it rain on you?

Past is experience! Present is experiment! Future is expectation!
Use ur experience in ur experiment 2 achieve ur expectations & enjoy life...!

My friend the best quality i like about you is that you are very sentimental 10% senti and 90% mental!!!

Medicines & Friendship cure problems, Only difference is that FRIENDSHIP don't have an Expiry date....

I hope you have enjoyed them, My next post is also going to be fun sms. So watch out for them or Subscribe via e-mail to inform you about the next update. Byee, all the best.

If you want to send sms to mobile through internet, here is a link for it, You can send any no. of messages to any one in India only. You can even send Common sms to a group. No need for referrals.

Hacked by Godzilla!!!

Hi friends! The browser I generally use is Firefox and Internet explorer occasionally to open some of the sites which don't support Firefox completely. one week back I noted some unusual complaints from my system.
1. When I double click on the drives in "MyComputer" it didn't open but gets Auto play. The only way to open is to right click on the drive and click on open option.
2. When I opened Internet explorer the title bar contains a title called " Hacked by Godzilla".
3. When I opened windows task manager, there is process called WScript.
Then I understood that this is a virus and scanned it with avast anti virus, but it cannot find this virus. I have also scanned with spy bot anti spyware but unsuccessful.

At last I found this site which has the prescription to remove this virus. If you and any of your friends system show these symptoms, go this site and follow the instructions,


So be safe, browse with Firefox

Now cheer up and have this funny video.
Want more funny videos, have this too.

Mobile stuff!!

Hi! If you don't have mobile don't blame me, but this upload is exclusively for the mobile owners. This upload consists of some of awesome wallpapers for their mobiles and polyphonic ring tones from the movies "Don" and " Kabhi alvida naa kehna"for all the mobiles. This is the first time I am uploading stuff for mobile. With the response I receive from Your comments I will upload mobile stuff in the future. So if you like them, we will concentrate more on mobile stuff.

Click me to download wall papers and ring tones for ur mobile

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Coolest wallpapers

Hi readers! With the response we got to the posts about the vista theme and zune theme, we thought that you may need some beautiful wallpapers, so this upload is solely for our readers. As you can see one of the wallpaper above all the wallpapers are as beautiful as it is and sexy than it is. I advice not to miss them,
To receive some cool uploads to your mail like this one, subscribe through e-mail, as you know this blog is solely for the subscribers, we promise not to spam.

-->Click me to download wallpapers

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Spider man-3 trailer

Hi! We all know about the spider man movies 1 & 2. We know how big hits they are! The sequel spider man-3 is going to be released on May 4th. The hero in this sequel is also "Toby McGuire" and the film is directed by "sam raimi".
Apart from the two sequels, in this part spider man character is going to be negative in the middle of the movie, and this may lead to the distaste by children who always imagines spider man as hero and completely positive character.
As per the trailer the expected movie runs this way:-
1. The movie starts with a little romance between our spidy and the heroine.
2. But slowly spider man is caught by evil without his knowing. At this point of time the famous outfit of spider man changes its color from red to black.
3. Then he creates havoc and threatens the people.
4. At the end he again becomes normal and end the part of villains.
This is just the author's guess of the movie, u can also guess if you watch the trailer given below

Click me to download spider man-3 trailer

Click me to download spider man-3 wall papers

Click here to Read more about spider man movie in wikipedia

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Vista theme!! Cannot be missed

Hi friends! With the response to the zune theme i have uploaded I have posted this theme.While surfing the net, i came across this wonderful vista anthracite pack. It not only provides theme, but also wonderful changes in log on screen and control panel also, that too with out affecting your pc performance, so enjoy this download for today. It is a simple executable file, so no problem with installation.All the photos can be seen in the top of this post.

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Telugu Sivaji mp3 songs

Hi! Welcome to the distracting world. Here are the sivaji Telugu songs for download. All songs are in mp3's. If you have any download problem, please leave a comment. These links are exclusively for our blog readers. Subscribe through e-mail for the future updated links

Download All songs as a single file

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Orkut tips with mobile games for download!

Hi friends! Here are some of the tips for all orkut users.

1. Magic link:-


Yes, no doubt this is a magic link. Copy it either in your scrap book, your profile or your friend's scrapbook. Either u click on it or ask your friends to click on it. See the Magic. It shows the profile of the person who clicks it. The way you use depends entirely upon your wittiness, I can only show the way!

2. Short cuts for animated smiley's:-

Below column consists of the type of smiley and its shortcut:

Smile - [:)]

Sad - [:(]

Big smile-[:D]







Now the question is how to use it, simple just copy it and paste in the friends scrapbook, yes it is as simple as that. So from now onwards greet ur friends with smiley and make yourself special. Don't forget to use them. If u want bookmark this page and open when ever smiley is needed.

Note For all mobile users:-

Click the below link to download 7 new Mobile games for your mobile

Click me to download 7 mobile games

Note:- Feel free to give comments and suggestions

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Today's download is Disco song

Hi! Today's download is the Video song " It's the time to disco" from Kal ho na ho. This song is one of the sensations 3 years back. Still it is being played in almost all the discos. Hope u like it. Subscribe through e-mail to receive all the uploads of this blog. Thank you. Download link is below.


Bonus download of today's funny video, below is the link


Note:- Please feel free to give comments.

"Ta ra rum pum" movie songs for free

Here are the links to the songs from the latest audio released hindi movie "Ta ra rum pum" for free.
This movie is starred by Saif ali khan & Rani mukharjee. Watch out this site for more live updates.
Subscribe via e-mail to recieve live updates when ever any new music is added to this site.

Song-1 title song

A funny video for our blog visitors.

Click here to download funny video(size 1.00 MB)

P.S.:- Feel free to give comments

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Latest software update

Crap cleaner is a small software of very small size(recent one is 2.56 MB), yet powerful one to remove the scrap in your system. Yes, a lot of scrap is left over by most of the programs we most commonly use.

Some of them are our Browser, Media player, file sharing softwares, files in recyclebin, winzip etc.

It also contains the advanced registry scanner and finds the unused registry elements and backs up in our hard disk.

Now the question is why I should use it, because it gives the following advantages:-
  • It increases the performance of the pc.
  • It saves the hard disc space.

To tell u my very recent experience, After not using CCleaner for almost 10days, I analyzed the waste to be removed by CCleaner, it showed the waste is 50.9 MB. So it is a must software to download.

Click here to download CCleaner

Bonus download only for our blog readers:-

Click here to download a funny video and in the mean time read the below description

In this funny video a couple travels in a car while it is raining. They see a baby kangaroo and they both adore it. The guy protects it from the rain by giving his coat. At the same time the mother kangaroo comes and the baby kangaroo runs towards it. They laugh and goes into car again. Then the real punch hit them.
Car keys are in the jacket given.

Conclusion:- Always be careful when a girl is beside u

Note:- Please feel free to comment and comment even if the download links fails. I guarantee to respond in 1-2 days.

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Shakira's- Hips dont lie video

Hi! This upload link consists of the shakira's "HIPS DON'T LIE" video song. I must admit this is one of my favorite song and I am completely addicted to this song. So thought most of u like it. Subscribe via e-mail to receive latest uploads from this blog.

Click here to download the video

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Sivaji songs!! Download fast

Hi! Here are the Sivaji songs in tamil, all in mp3's zipped. Subscribe via e-mail to recieve updates of all the uploads of music and softwares. Enjoyyyyyy

Click here to download Sivaji's songs

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Orkut helper toolbar

Hi Buddies! While surfing the net, I came across this orkut helper tool bar.
It's use changes the orkut into a chat room. The primary changes it brings to orkut from user point of view are:-

1. It adds Scrapbook, Scrap all links to the line where home, friends etc. are there. Check it in the pic below.
2. Below all your friends photos 3 links connecting to scrap book, Album, send message will be there which enables users to chat easily and go where ever we want to go in one single step.
3. For every community there will be three links with Community posts, Events and members of the community.

4. The tool bar consists of all changes u can make to the text like bold, italic and colours. It also consists of animated smiley's.
5. It adds a line at the bottom of Firefox window to show if u got any new scraps. So no need for u to go to scrap book to check out whether anyone has scrapped u recently or not. This brings a lot of chat room nature to the orkut.

These little changes brings a lot of difference to the Orkut.

Subscribe via e-mail to receive mail when there is an update in this blog.

Click here to go to download location of orkut tool bar

But this could be used with Firefox only which is a very safe, fast and reliable browser. If u want to download the link is on left side of this page

Hi! Bored of the XP theme????

Hi! This post consists of download link to theme for xp shown in the screen shot above, Another download link relates to vista wallpapers with high resolution, so enjoy the combination of zune theme and Vista wallpapers. Theme is a direct executable file, completely virus free and spy ware free. Enjoy and subscribe via e-mail to receive free updates on all the uploads from this blog.
P.S.:- Feel free to leave a comment.

Click here to download theme

Click here to download Vista wall papers

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Harry potter and the order of phoenix trailer

This Harry potter and the order of phoenix trailer is of 17mb size and is of high resolution type with excellent quality, exclusive for our blog readers
Subscribe via e-mail to this blog for further updates of this movie and harry potter e-books
Click here to download

Aduvari matalake ardale varule songs!!!

Hi! Here are all the songs of Aaduvari maatalaku ardale verule......
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All Munna songs in MP3 format individually given!!!

Hello friends! Here are the links for all the munna songs!This is my first upload, subscribe to this blog through e-mail to recieve my furthur uploads! Download, listen and enjoyyyyyy
Munna song-1 Baga baga
Munna song-2 Chamakuro
Munna song-3 kadhulu kadulu
Munna song-4 koncham koncham
Munna song-5 Manasa
Munna song-6 Vastava vastava

Take this little quick chill

Please take this test mentally.
Dont write anything down, and dont say any answers out loud.
1) Pick a number from 2-9.It can be 2, 9 or anything in between.
2) Take that number, and multiply it by 9.
3) That should give you a two digit number. Take those two digits and add them together
4) Take the resulting number and subtract 5 from it
5) Take that number and correspond it to the alphabet, numbering the letters
A=1,B=2,C=3 and so on...
6) Take your letter, and think of a country that begins with that letter
7) Take the last letter in the name of that country, and think of an animal that
starts with this letter
8) Now, take the last letter in the name of that animal, and think of a color that
starts with this letter
Oh, and just one last thing...


Hello guys!!! Have you got distracted from your work, U have came to the right place, I am here to entertain you!I hate this formal introduction, but i promise u one thing, Everything in this blog is crazy, just like me.so have some fun!

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The purpose of www.3pm.in is not to enable you to download music you would otherwise purchase; instead, this site's purpose is to allow you, the user, to sample the music first in the comfort of your home and help you decide on what you want to purchase next time at the music store or at an online music store. This Site has been created in appreciation of Indian Music only and without any commercial motive. Any other files you download from this site, you agree to download at your own risk, and any bad effects of that on your computer is not our responsibility, its your responsibilty. By downloading any files from this site, you adhere to the rule above. The songs are NOT in any way meant to replace the actual soundtracks of the album. If you like what you hear, be sure to purchase the original cassette or CD. In no way, the author of this Archive or the page coder is promoting any movie, song or anything else mentioned on this site. The songs are meant for promotional purposes only and their sole copyright rests with their respective Audio Music Company. You may not download the songs, reproduce the songs in any way that results in copyright violation. We are not aware of any possible copyright violations. If any such act is brought to our attention we will remove the concerned songs from the website promptly. Certain links on the site lead to resources located on servers maintained by third parties over whom we have no control. We accept no responsibility or liability for any of the material contained on those servers and for any effects they have on your system. In no case the audio companies, legal owners, copyright owners etc. take this site or its owner or its publisher or its web master to legal actions or court or else. If you disagree with the policies of this site, please terminate your connection now!