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Download Sivaji Trailer-Telugu

Hi,You have already enjoyed the Sivaji songs and now download the latest trailer of Sivaji movie.U will enjoy the trailer.I think you have downloaded the songs already and download the latest trailor also.
*ing:- Rajni,shriya

Download Sivaji full Trailor

Bombay Rockers-Crash and burn songs

Hi guys! These songs are from the music album "Bombay Rockers-Crash and burn". Really the music is mind blowing and made me dance. This has got a good combination of English lyrics, hindi lyrics and Rock music. This is must had collection for anyone. All the songs are given individually. Enjoyyy



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Download Veduka Movie Songs

Hello friends,download Veduka songs.Songs are very melodious to here.I hope you will enjoy the music.And favorite hero Raja,and poonam Bajwa,Anuradha mehta. Download the songs of Veduka.


Download Pellaina Kothalo movie

Download Pellaina Kothalo movie with a good quality VCD print.
*ing:-Jagapathy Babu,Priyamani

Download Vcd Good Quality movie:-
Part-1, Part-2, Part-3, part4

Sources:- Google videos, telugustation.blogspot.com

Evadaithe Nakenti-Movie

Download the movie Evadaithe Nakenti.Having good quality. Staring: Rajashekar,samvrita.
Download Dvd rip movie:-

CD-1:- Part-1, Part-2, Part-3
CD-2:- Part-1, Part-2

telugustation.blogspot.com, Rapidshare.com.

Download Aata Movie

Hi, As the songs are already posted, this is the complete aata movie.
Download Links Here:--

Aata Part-->1
Aata Part-->2
Aata Part-->3
Aata Part-->4
Aata Part-->5

Sources:- Orkut communities, Rapidshare.com

Download Bommarillu Movie

Watch it online here

Download Dvd rip Movie:-
(Read the disclaimer before downloading)

Part-->1 Part-->2 Part-->3 Part-->4 Part-->5 Part-->6 Part-->7

Part-->1 Part-->2 Part-->3 Part-->4 Part-->5 Part-->6 Part-->7

Sources:- telugustation.blogspot.com, rapidshare.com, bestentertainment.com

16 Excellent Funny Videos

Hi,Download the funny videos and you will watch it again and again.There are totally 16 funny videos which you will love it so much,these are mostly downloaded from various sites.Don't blame for the quality but it is good to see.

Download funny videos

Download APNE Trailer

Hi guys and gals, here is the "Apne Trailer" for you. As Apne Songs are provided before this is another upload of the Apne movie.

Download Apne Trailer

Latest Video Songs

Hi! These songs are the video songs from the movies "Jhoom barabar jhoom" and "Awarapan". Enjoyyyyy

Download "Kiss of love song"(Jhoom barabar jhoom)

Download "Ticket to hollywood Song"(Jhoom barabar jhoom)

Download "Aa bhi jao remix"(Aawarapan)

Download Ajanthaa Songs

Hi,download the new tamil songs.Ajanthaa movie songs.The actors are Jagapathy Babu and Ramana.The music director of this movie is none other than Ilayaraja.And the director of the movie is Kataka Thirumavalavan,and the lyrics are given by Kalyan K. Enjoy the songs.


Download "Swami songs" (all mp3s@320kbps)

Hi! Here are the "Swami songs". All the songs are in mp3 format with perfect quality. All songs are zipped into a single file so that it will be easy for you to download. To get the Free un-zip software click here. Subscribe to receive more updates from this blog.

Movie Cast And Crew:--

Director : Ganesh Acharya
Cast : Juhi Chawla, Mithoon Chakroborthy & Manoj Bajpai
Music Director : Nitin Arora & Sony Chandy
Lyricist : Sameer
Singer's : Nitin Arora & Sony Chandy
Cassettes and CD's on :Times Music

Download Links:-

Mirror Link-1
Mirror Link-2

Urchagam songs in mp3 format

Hi,all the urchagam songs are good,enjoy and it is directed by Ravichandran,and casting by Nadha and Sherin.This music is composed by Ranjith Baroth.I hope u will enjoy the songs.


Jann-e-mann Movie

This movie starring Salman khan, Akshay kumar, Priety zinta etc. is a fantastic comedy entertainer. Download and enjoyyy

Download Links:-

Part-->1 Part-->2 Part-->3 Part-->4

Part--> 5 Part-->6 Part-->7 Part-->8

Sources:- Orkut communities, Rapidshare

Download Eragon Movie

Download Links:-

Part--1 Part--2 Part--3 Part--4

Part--5 Part--6 Part--7 Part--8 Part--9


Amazing pictures

Hi,to everyone.Did u saw the wall papers carefully,U will not see this photo forever.These are known as different wall papers because for one body this is attached to another head,once we think also its amazing about the wall papers.Hope you will enjoy these wall papers.

Click here to download wall papers

Download Apne Songs, all mp3s

Here are the "Apne Songs". This movie might become a classic because Dharmendra is acting along with his two sons Sunny deol and bobby deol. This is bobby deol's second film in the season after "Jhoom barabar jhoom". All the download links are given individually. Enjoy the songs.


High resolution Movie wallpapers

These are the high resolution wallpapers from all the recent hit movies consisting of 300, Ghost rider, spiderman, superman, The hills have eyes, eragon, pirates of the carribean, Harry potter, Saw III etc.... Enjoyyyyy

Click here to Download Wallpapers

Download TaRaRumPum Movie

This is the "TaRaRumPum" Movie starring Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee. The Complete movie is divided into various links. Subscribe to receive more uploads from this blog.
Part-1 Part-2 Part-3 Part-4

Part-1 Part-2 Part-3 Part-4

Sources:- Orkut communities, Rapidshare

Britney spears- Over protected video

This video is the "Britney spear's" pop video Over protected. Watch it and Enjoyyyyyyy

Download Video

Download Podarillu movie songs(All mp3's)

All the "podarillu movie songs" in mp3 format, enjoyyyyyyyyyyy, All the songs are zipped into a single file. Below is the download link

Download Podarillu songs

Awarapan Songs in mp3 format

Hi! These songs are from the movie "Awarapan" directed by Mahesh batt. The cast are Our Favourite Kisser "Emran hashmi" and "Shreya sharan".As per the review of IndiaFM.com, the main song is being copied from the pakistani song. All in all the songs are good enough to download. Enjoyy, all the songs are given individually. Subscribe to receive more updates.
Read the disclaimer before downloading.


Jhoom barabar Jhoom Songs in mp3 format

Hi! These are songs from the movie "Jhoom barabar Jhoom" movie, download links for all the songs are individually given. Enjoyyy. In this movie the two B's are acting, i.e., Big-B and Small-B.
Other major actors are Preity zinta, Bobby deol and Lara dutta.


Lucky Ali hits

Most of the "Lucky ali hits" are collected and uploaded. All the songs are zipped into a single folder. Subscribe to receive more updates. Below is the download link. Any comments would be appreciated

Download luckyali hits

Download MP3: Mera pehla pehla pyar songs

These are the songs from the new hindi movie "MP3 or mera pehla pehla pyar". Enjoy the songs. All the songs are zipped into a single file. Below is the download link.

Download Songs

Download Dubai seenu mp3 songs

Hi! Our favourite mass hero Raviteja is going to hit the screen as "Dubai Seenu" in this month. Songs in this movie are given below. All the songs are in mp3 format. Enjoy the songs and spread the word to your friends. Subscribe to receive more updates. Read the disclaimer before downloading songs. All the songs are zipped into a single folder. Enjoyyyyy

Download Dubai Seenu songs(High Quality 57mb)

Download Dubai Seenu Songs(Low Quality 22mb)

Download mp3 Ringtones

Download A.R.Rahman Best Collection

A.R.Rahman may be called as the god to the present music world. He is king at one time. Some of the Rahman's hits are being uploaded in this post. All are the hindi songs and from various movies. These are with good quality and all songs are icons. Don't miss them.


Download Apocalypto movie

CD-1:- part-1, part-2, part-3, part-4, part-5, part-6, part-7
CD-2:- part-1, part-2, part-3, part-4, part-5, part-6, part-7

Sources:- dvdmall.blogspot.com, rapidshare.com

Download Pirates of the Carribean-2 Dead man's chest

The third part of pirates of the carribean is going to be released in this summer. Wanna watch the 2nd part of the movie download it from here. Read disclaimer before downloading.
CD-1:- part-1, part-2, part-3, part-4, part-5, part-6, part-7
CD-2:- part-1, part-2, part-3, part-4, part-5, part-6, part-7,

Source:- Orkut communities, Rapidshare.com

Amazing funny videos-1

Hullo! Here are some of the 14 amazing really funny videos. These are some of the selected from my collection. Most of them are download from youtube.com and some are from the friends. Don't blame me for the quality because all the funny videos are not to have a great clarity but for having a lot of fun in them.

Download funny videos part-1

Download Spiderman-3 movie

Hi guys! I hope i am a bit late but with a good quality cam print of Spiderman-3 movie. Here is the folder which contains the movie links. Enjoy the movie, have a nice time. Subscribe in a reader to receive more uploads.

Goto Download location of Spiderman-3
Source:- Orkut communities

If you want the spiderman-3 high resolution wallpapers, here it is

Die hard-4 Trailer

Yup! Die hard-4 is about to hit the screens in july. The stunts in the trailer are amazing. Particularly the stunts like a Car jumping on two other cars. Another stunt in which a car flies onto helicopter and smashes it, you can see that in the pic above. Those who like the stunts, this sequel will never disappoints. This is the High Definition Video. Don't bother the trailer is in some german, but the quality is perfect and the version is full.

Download Die Hard-4 Trailer.

Resident Evil Extinction Trailer

This trailer is of "Resident Evil-Extinction" Movie. The quality is High Definition and cannot be missed. Graphics look fantastic. Downloading trailer is not at all a mere waste.I cannot wait for the movie. I will definitely watch it in the theatre or in DVD. Share this with all ur friends.

Download Trailer

600 Mobile wallpapers

Hi Mobile lovers! This upload is for all the folk who go crazy about their mobiles. These wallpapers contain all the types like animals, abstract, cars, bikes, girls etc. Total count is 600. I request u not to miss it and spread the word so that all ur friends also get it.

Download 600 mobile wallpapers
Note:- Some of the pics have adult content, so be cautious.

Best wallpaper collection

This is one of my best wallpaper collection. This consists of wallpapers from movie, Spiderman 3Carribean wallpapers and Vista wallpapers.
Download spider man wallpapers

Download Carribean wallpapers

Download Vista wallpapers

Source:-demonoid.com, other websites.

Download "Kya Love Story Hai" Songs

These songs are from the Bollywood movie "Kya Love Story hai" casting Tushaar kapoor, Ayesha takia and Kareena kapoor. Don't miss the songs from this movie in which our bubbly Ayesha Takia is acting.

Download Songs

Download "Raju bhai" Songs

Hi friends! Audio of the movie "Raju bhai" in which Manoj kumar and sheela are acting has been released. Songs are very nice. All are in the mp3 format.So all you have to do is to download the songs and enjoy the music. Hold on! It would be insane if you don't tell to your friends and spread this word. So share it and read the disclaimer before downloading. Subscribe to receive more uploads

Download songs

Blue stone's- Worlds apart video

This video song is from the album of Blue stone's "Worlds apart". Song is fantastic with nice background music and particularly the lady voice is fantastic. Don't miss it.

Download Video

Download Cheenikum Songs

These songs are from the movie "Cheenikum". Songs are all lady oriented but nice to listen. Don't miss them. Songs are all zipped into a single file so that it will be easy for you to download.
Cast : Amitabh Bachchan, Tabu, Paresh Rawal & Zohra Sehgal

Music Director : Ilaiyarajaa

Download songs

Download mp3 ring tones of these songs for your mobile

The Train Songs(Bollywood)

These are the mp3 songs from the Hindi movie "The Train" all zipped into a single folder.
The Train stars Emraan Hashmi, Geeta Basra and Sayali Bhagat and is directed by Raksha Mistry and Hasnain S Hyderabadwala. Below is the download link , just get it over.

Download all songs

Call of duty-4 Trailer

Hi gamers! How many days You would have played the previous versions of this game Call of duty. The new version and 4th part of this game Call of duty-"Modern Warfare" is about to release. High Definition Trailer of this game is released. Quality is fantastic and I can't wait to play the game. Don't forget to download.

Download Trailer

Is Orkut blocked in your organisation?

In some of the offices and educational institutions Orkut has been blocked by their administration firewall. So obviously there are a lot of options to overcome this problem. Some of the websites are also providing only the scrapping facility. Some of the working proxy servers I and my friends had found are as follows:-


In the above proxies powerscrap provides only scrapping facility. So better to use other proxy servers.
If you found any other proxies or websites please give us a comment. We will publish it along with your name. byeeee

Zinadine zidane's career highlights

Hi! This upload video consists of the some of the career highlights of Zinadine zidane. He is one of the best captains french team ever had. He is a one of the best player all time. But his career is ended in the world cup with the head butt, you all might remember.I advise you not to miss this upload. Before downloading please thanks to the creater, now continue....
Download Zidane's career highlight goals

Download Zidane's head butt to Materazzi video

Nasty kissing in public

Recently Richard Gere's kissing of shilpa shetty has been a big news and all the TV channels talk about our culture. If our culture is really great, my only question is why a lot of movies on the sex theme are big hits?
"Murder", "Julie" what are these movie's themes?. Kissing is a such common thing in these movies. What is the famous scene in Dhoom-2? I don't mean to say that our culture is bad. What I want to say is that in a country which is very much influenced by the movies, Bollywood is making a major damage. Now people also think that kissing is such a common thing. Only parties and activists who want publicity only doesn't think that way.
In a multi cultural countries like ours it is not easy to induce western culture at the root level. At least it should be avoided in public.
Coming to the case of shilpa shetty, whom I want to blame is Richard Gere. He says that he know very well about India. Doesn't he know that kissing is a bit nasty thing in India. We can't just blame shilpa shetty as there is a lot of International media and if she would have rejected his kiss she would have been seen like a damn fool.
So at least from now, it would be better if the kissing of the famous people is done confidentially, which is also very difficult.

Some of my kiss scene Collection:-

Download Shilpa-Richard Gere kiss scene(2.3 MB)

Download kareena-shahid Kiss scene(231 KB)

Download Aish-hrithink Kiss scene in Dhoom.(2.1MB)

Download Kalyug Kiss scene(912KB)

Download Eklavya kiss scene(4.4MB)

Download guru kiss scene(1.3MB)

Please Write your opinions about the kissing in public.

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