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Sardar jokes..hahaha

How do you make a Sardar laugh on Saturday?
Tell him a joke on Wednesday.

Q: "Have you ever read Shakespeare?"
Sardar: "No, who wrote it?"

Why do Sardars work seven days a week?
So you don't have to re-train them on Monday.

Why did 18 sardarjis go to a movie?
Because below 18 was not allowed.

What do you do when a Sardar throws a hand grenade at you?
Pull the pin and throw it back.

Why can't Sardar dial 911?
They can not find the eleven on the phone

"Oh, look at the dead bird."
Sardar looked skyward and said "Where, Where?

What do smart Sardar and UFOs have in common?
You always hear about them but you never see them.

Sardarji is buying a TV.
"Do you have color TVs?"
"Give me a green one, please."

Download KIREEDOM songs-Tamil

Hi guyz,download the latest movie of AJITH,The new movie is KIREEDOM.The songs are good and the direction of the movie is by AL.Vijay.
Cast:Ajith,Trisha,Raj Kiran.
Read the disclaimer before downloading:

Akkam Pakkam
Kanneer Thuliye
Theme music
Vilayaadu Vilayaadu
Vizhiyil Vizhiyil

Download "Chak de" trailer

Hi guys.. Here is the trailer of the latest movie of Bollywood badshah Shah Rukh's "Chak de India". Why don't you check out chak de india trailer once.. Lets get it down....
Here is a bonus for u.. The full title song from the movie CHAK DE!

Download CHAKDE title song

Download Chak De india Trailer

Download Sathum Podaadthay movie songs-tamil

Download the new latest songs of Yuvan Shankar Raja.The songs are good to hear.They are of good quality. *ing: Prithviraj,Padma Priya,and the director of the movie is VASANTH.
Read the disclaimer before downloading:

01-Azhagu Kutti Chellam
02-Entha Kuthirayil
03-Kadhal Periyadha
04-O Indha Kadhal
05-Pesugiren Pesugiren

Download "Toss songs"

Hi guys.. Here are the "Toss movie songs". The only highlight for the music of this movie is by Manisharma. Title song is very fresh to listen..
This movie starring Upendra, Raja, Priyamani, Kamna jetmalani and others..

Song-1-Toss vey
Song-2-Oh madhu vadana
Song-3-Yeh babuji
Song-4-prema prema
Song-5-Yen chilako
Song-6-Toss vey(Repeat)

Download All songs as a single file

Download Maamadurai movie songs-Tamil

Hi,friends as a latest update of tamil songs.Download the Maamadurai movie songs of tamil,the beat of the songs is good............
Cast:Vasan Karthik,Mithuna,Vadivelu.... and the director of the movie is K.K.Krishnan.
Read the disclaimer before downloading:

01-Adakkivasi Adakkivasi
02-Askalakale Askalakale
03-Koondukal Poonathu Netrodu
04-Madurai Maduraithan
05-Sorkam Arukile

Download Bow Barracks Forever movie songs

Hi Guyz,download the Bow Barracks Forever movie songs,these are of very good quality.I hope you will enjoy the songs.Download it........
Cast:Lilette Dubey,Neha Dubey,Moon Moon Sen,etc................ and the director of the movie is ANJAN DUTT.
Read the disclaimer before downloading:
01-Jab Maine Dekha Use Standing There
03-Teri Meri Merry Christmas
04-Bow Barracks Forever
05-Dance Through The Night
06-The Bright Young Love Theme
07-The Lost Glory

Download "Jhoom Barabar Jhoom movie"

Hi guys.. Just down this hot cake.. This movie starring Abhishek bachchan, Bobby deol, Priety zinta, Lara dutta..
sources:-www.filmijoy.com, www.youshare.com
Read the disclaimer before downloading

Download Links:-


Download "Team songs"

Hi.. After a day of heavy rainfall in our hometown, we are posting team-the force songs. Team-the force starring Sohail khan, Amrita arora, aarthi chabria etc.. Read the disclaimer before downloading. Subscribe to receive uploads through mail. Free unrar software link is on left side of this page..


Download all songs as single file..

Download "Chirutha" Trailer

Hi guys.. "Chirutha" is the most awaited movie for all the chiru fans.. Here is the trailer of this movie. Music is to be composed by Mani sharma. So we are all waiting for the Music to be released.. Anyway first of all check out the trailer..

Download Chirutha Trailer

Download Bombay to Goa movie songs

Hi guyz,download the "Bombay to Goa" movie songs. All the songs are very good with good clarity.I hope you will enjoy the songs.
Cast:Sunil Pal,Raju Shrivastava,Tinu Anand.etc... and the director of the movie is RAJ PENDHARKAR.
Read the disclaimer before downloading:

Bombay to Goa-Bappi Lahiri
Kamjaraj-Shehla Burney
Lawani-Sonu Kakkad
Laaj Sharam-Shehla Burney
Let's enjoy-Jubeen
Bombay to Goa-Shehla Burney

Download JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM video song

Hi buddies..."Jhoom Barabar Jhoom"... My nerves are thrilled just by hearing this title.. Celebrity Abhishek and sunny deol accompanying by the actresses Priety zinta with that sexy dimple and Lara dutta acting in this movie.. So I can't just wait to watch this movie.. As the movie is already released we are promoting all of you to watch it in the theatres. And to give you a little taste of it we have uploaded the video of the title song "Jhoom Barabar Jhoom"..

Download Jhoom Barabar Jhoom video song

Download Dhee (telugu-movie)

Hi friendz,download the latest movie DHEE with a excellent print.It's a comedy movie.
Cast:Vishnu,Jenelia and the direction is by SREENU VYTLA.
Sources:- telugustation.blogspot.com
Read the disclamier before downloading:
Download the links:
CD-1: part-1, part-2, part-3, part-4
CD-2: part-1, part-2, part-3, part-4

Download Red Swastik Movie

Hi guys.. Here is the latest movie Red Swastik Dvd rip..
Sources:- www.filmijoy.com, www.zshare.com
Read the disclaimer before downloading..
Download Links:-


Download satyabhama songs

hi,we will keep you the latest updates to you.Download the new satyabhama songs.
*ing:Shivaji,Bhoomika Chawla
Read the disclaimer before downloading:
Download the songs:-

Hello Madam
Nee Navvule
Pyar Karo
Theme Music

Download Aduvari Matalaku Ardhale Verule movie

hi download the latest movie,Good quality dvd rip.Good print movie.
Sources:- telugustation.blogspot.com
Read the disclaimer before downloading:

CD-1: part-1, part-2, part-3, part-4, part-5
CD-2: part-1, part-2, part-3, part-4,part-5

Download THE TRAIN movie

Hi download the latest movie.
Cast:Emraan Hashmi,Geeta Basra,Sayali Bhagat
Read the disclaimer before downloading:
Download part-1
Download part-2

Download "Laksyam Songs"

Cast : Gopichand, Anushka, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu, Raghubabu, Ali, Nassar .....
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Lyricist : Chandrabose & Rama Jogayya Sastry
Story-Screenplay-Director : Srivas
Banner : Lakshmi Narasimha Productions
Cassettes and CD’s on : Aditya Music
Audio Bitrate : 128 KBPS - VBR
Read the disclaimer before downloading..

1. (04:15) Gullo Devudu - Madhu Balakrishna
2. (04:10) Sukku Sukku - Tippu , Sujatha
3. (04:23) Chekkara Keli - Karthik,Shreya Ghoshal
4. (03:07) Neluvave - Hema CHandra
5. (05:06) Naa Coffee - Ranjith ,Kalpana
6. (03:53) Sukku Sukku(Remix)- Tippu , Sujatha

Download Songs as Single file

Download "Partner songs"

Here are the "partner songs".
Partner movie starring Govinda, Salman khan, katrina kaif, Lara dutta etc. got to be a block buster movie and another multi starrer movie..Read the disclaimer before downloading songs.. Subscribe to receive uploads through mail..
01. Partner - Do U Wanna Partner
02. Partner - You're My Love
03. Partner - Dupatta Tera Nau Rang Da
04. Partner - Soni De Nakhre
05. Partner - Maria Maria
06. Partner - You're My Love (Remix)
07. Partner - Do U Wanna Partner (Remix)

Download All songs as Single file

Download Namaste London movie

This movie starring Akshay kumar and Katrina kaif is in the top list for a lot of days..Don't miss it..Read the disclaimer before downloading..
Sources:-Orkut Communities(Download movies community)

Download Namastey London movie

Download Ek Chalis Ki Last Local movie

Abhay Deol.... Nilesh
Neha Dhupia.... Madhu
Sources:-Orkut Communities(Download Movies community)
Read the disclaimer before downloading...

Download Ek chalis ki Last local movie

Download SPEED songs

Hi friendz,here are the songs from the movie "Speed" starrting Zayed Khan. Songs are available in high quality and low quality versions. It is up to you to choose the version that best suit your requirement. I hope you will enjoy the songs.
*ing:-Zayed Khan,Aftab Shivdasani,Amrita Arora,Urmila Matondkar.... and the direction is none other than VIKRAM BHATT.
Read the disclaimer before downloading

High Quality(@320kbps):-

Wanna Wanna
Tikhi Tikhi(remix)
Tikhi Tikhi
Loving You
Tikhi Tikhi(stomp mix)

Download all in a single zipped file..

Low Quality:-

Wanna Wanna
Tikhi Tikhi(remix)
Tikhi Tikhi
Loving You
Tikhi Tikhi(stomp mix)

Download THIRUTHAM movie songs-tamil

Hi guyz,you had again new songs to download from tamil.The songs are good for listening and of good quality.I hope you will enjoy the songs.
*ing:-Hari Kumar,Priyanka,Nasser,M S Bhaskar,Adithya and the director of the movie is PONRAMAN.
Read the disclaimer before downloading:
Badava Kaiya Pudida
Kadhal Kanmaniye
Labam Yogam
Paadhai Therigiradhu
Sidumoonji Dhevadhaiye

Download Cheenikum movie

Here are the download links to the movie "Cheenikum".
Cheenikum Songs are available here.
Read the disclaimer before downloading.
Sources:- www.filmijoy.com, www.zshare.net

Download links:-


Download Bhagam Bhag movie

Hi,the picture is a good comedy,everyone likes it.The print is good.
*ing:-Akshay kumar,Govinda,Paresh Rawal.The movie is directed by PRIYADARSHAN.
Read the disclaimer before downloading...


Download Fool n Final movie

Here are links for the movie "Fool 'n' Final". All the download links are tested and kept in the blog. Please read the disclaimer before downloading the movie.

Download Links:-



Sources:- zshare.net, www.musicnmovies.info

World's Top ten F-1 Crashes Video

Guys..This video is going to be so hot.. Have you seen the pic just above...All the crashes are going to be like it...All the racing cars, flying around just like some dust in the air..It is must seen video..It contains the Schumacher's crash also. I recommend you not to miss it. Just enjoy the crashes...Don't try this at home...

Download Car crashes video

Download the movie-NEXT

Hi guyz,now download the new movie NEXT,Nicolas Cage is superb in this movie than any other character he acted,this movie is an great action movie.Overall the movie is great,every minute of the movie very excellent.
*ing:-Nicolas Cage,Julianne Moore,Jessica Biel.
The director of the movie is LEE TAMAHORI.

Download the links:

Sources:--Orkut Communities(Download Movies community), Rapidshare.com

Miss Universe competition pics

Hey.. These pics contain all the Participants, especially the winner Zuleyka Rivera's pics. All the pics in normal dress and bikinis are included. Hope you enjoy this..

Download pics..

Gibbs Sexy 6 Sixes video

Hi guys!! After a lot of music and music down here..you must got bored of it. So here is the video of "Gibbs' 6 consecutive sixes" hit in the world cup. In a country like ours cricket is not just a game.. but a religion..So I hope u all enjoy this video. All the 6 sixes are amazing and mindblowing..Quality is what i can assure you.. Enjoy this one..

Download 6 Sixes's video

Download Red Swastik movie songs

Hi buddies,download the new hindi songs.Red Swastik songs are good,we enjoyed the songs and i hope you to will enjoy the songs of red swastik.
*ing:-Mona Chopra,Harsh Chhaya,Deepshikha,Yusuf Hussain,Raj khan,Usha Bachani,Preeti kopikar, and the director is Vinod Pandey.

01-Sadiyon ki Pyaas
02-Rakht Rakht Rakht
03-Thi Zindagi Bas Wohi
04-Yeh Jo Tera Shahar

Download Shootout at Lokhandwala movie

Read the disclaimer before downloading..

Download link for Shootout at Lokhandawala Movie

mGinger is not fake

Hi, If you are already a member of mginger... jump to the next parah.. If you haven't heard about it.. continue reading. mginger is a site which pays for sending you sms. All you have to do is to read the sms. It is your wish if you discard. All about it can be know more at this site(mginger's site)
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"Amity university has been ranked best in India for placements:Times of India. 2000 students placed in 207. For callback sms career to 7575" from mginger.
So it is true and a revolution is going to be started in marketing field. You can gain a handsome of money from this site. We strongly recommend to join mginger if you are a mobile user. Don't loose this offer.
Sign up here

Rambo-4 Trailer

Hi guys! Silvestor stallone is back with Rambo-4, the sequel of the RAMBO series. And here we present the trailer of "Rambo-4". Though stallone made a sequel for ROCKY, it has stumbled at the box-office. So we have to wait for the reaction for this movie sequel. Trailer showed that this movie has a lot of violence.. And there are rumours that it is only a part of it. So have to wait for the movie.. but don't wait for the trailer.. here it is.. Subscribe to receive updates...
Download RAMBO-4 Trailer.

New Site on money making

Hi! We all have heard about a number of money making sites which boasts of paying thousands of dollars, but actually never pays. But this website called adbux.org is a new website in which you cannot make hundreds of dollars, but can just get your pocket money. I think it is better to join sites like this which actually pays rather than any other site which says that our members are making 2000$ per day. As per our calculation you can easily make 30$/month from this website if you can have an account.

To earn from this website just sign up and go to the surf ads zone... Here is the link


Thee Nagar-tamil movie songs

Hi guys, here are the songs from the movie "Thee Nagar". Songs are very good to hear,i hope you will enjoy the songs. *ing:-Karan,Udhayathara,Shanmugarajan and your favorite music director is Jassie gift. Read the disclaimer before downloading.
01-Ayiram Ayiram
02-kaappatha Mudiyala
03-kadavul edhukku
05-Neyae En saaraayatheru
06-Oththa pulla venumaadi

Need for speed-2008 Trailer

Hi! Here is the trailer for NFS 2008 releasing this year. Trailer is High definition. It was amazing and game lovers cannot wait for the game to play...

Download NFS-08 Trailer

Wah Taj! Vote for Taj!

Till now, Taj mahal is considered as one of the 7 wonders in the world and the only one from India. See how beautiful it is.. But in recent times, a lot of people has different opinions and all want the 7 wonders according to the voting system(Democratic system). So a voting has been taking place for a lot of time. Now as the dead line is coming closer, all the indians are here by requested to vote for Taj mahal and show our unity. Only 33 days left as per today.....The website to be voted is


Download Bombay Bronx-2- - - - hindi pop songs

Hi Friends,download the latest Bombay Bronx-2 songs.These consists of english and hindi lyrics.All are of very less size and rocking. I enjoyed these songs.I hope you will also enjoy the Bombay Bronx-2 music. Please Read the Disclaimer before downloading..
01-Kamre Mein Aaja
02-Sona Family
03-Haji Springer
04-Teriyaki Boyz
05-In 2 U
08-Post 9,11 blues
09-Snake Charmer
10-Ishq Brandy
11-Punjabi Five
12-Thora Aa Thora Ja
14-Dil Jaania
15-Kangna(reggaeton mix)

Chain kulii ki Main kulii songs

Hi guys! All the songs from the movie "Chain kulii ki main kulii" are given individually. Please read the disclaimer before downloading..


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